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A company like the other web hosting companies in the market, the Hostgator does its things in a slight different way. The company provides its clients with the various web hosting solution as well as website related solutions and that too based on a green energy platform. The company runs its machines purely on the green energy or rather to say by the renewable energy sources. The company has been particular in this very matter, as they do want to uplift their name not only as the best web hosting company out there but also as a company which favors the cause of protecting the earth from the global warming. Global warming is an issue which has been a disturbing one for the people of the world, with increasing number of areas affected with each passing year, as the earth’s temperature is rising at a great speed. The only solution is the use of these renewable energy resources for generating the electricity and the company is doing the same for it uses the same for running its whole business. Though the trend of going green is quite huge among the web hosting companies, the trend was pioneered by this company only.

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With the increasing use of internet and the increase in the website oriented business all over the world, there is a good amount of demand for the website development by the various companies. First there were those big companies who want to sale their products through the internet, and now, as the time has passed on, there is a rush for having their website even in those smaller companies also. The Hostgator has been pioneering in the web hosting services, and is one of those which were present from the beginning days of this business.


The Hostgator is so much popular a company that it has got about 2.5 million websites over its host servers. These are the websites of various kinds of companies. The affordability of the services provided by the companies has made the services more popular among the other companies. Thus the company which has been there from the very start has still got its place hold up in the market for the various reasons of affordability as well as the customer support provided by them. The 24 hour customer care support helps out in every single issue regarding the websites and the web space.

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